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Beck, Robert R. (Religious Studies, 1981-2010)

Ropes in Water, Selected Poems of Robert R. Beck. Eds. John C. Waldmeir, Catherine R. Koetz. Dubuque, IA: Loras College Press, 2021.

Sunday Homilies: Liturgical Year Cycle C 2019. Dubuque, Iowa: Robert Beck, 2021.

Sunday Homilies: Liturgical Year Cycle B 2018. Dubuque, Iowa: Robert Beck, 2020.

Bowman, Mary Jo (Lab Technician, 2013- )

With Courtney Saenz, Manivannan Ethirajan, Erin C. Tracy, Joseph Cacaccio, Tymish Ohulchanskyy, Heinz Baumann, Ravindra K. Pandey. "Charged groups on pyropheophorbide-based photosensitizers dictate uptake by tumor cells and photodynamic therapy efficacy." Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, B: Biology 227 (February 2022). 14 pages.

Cooper, Kate M. (Biology, 2008- )

"Vaccines can provide head start in effort to outrun COVID-19." Telegraph Herald [Dubuque] February 6, 2022: 4A.

Daigle, Brent (Education, 2019- )

With Jabari Cain, Sylvia Cain. "Constructivist Podcasting Strategies in the 8th Grade Social Studies Classroom: 'StudyCasts' Support Motivation and Learning Outcomes." The Social Studies 112/6 (2021): 310-321.

Davis, Thomas A. (Biology, 1989- )

"The Last Lab - Unanswered Questions." Bioscene, the Journal of College Biology Teaching. 47/2 (December 2021): 50-51.

DeShaw, Kathryn J. (Kinesiology, 2019- )

With Jeni E. Lansing, Laura D. Ellingson, Gabriel Cruz-Maldonado, Tera R. Hurt, Jacob D. Meyer. "A Qualitative Analysis of Barriers and Facilitators to Reducing Sedentary Time in Adults with Lower Back Pain." BMC Public Health 21, #215 (2021): 1-11.

With Laura D. Ellingson, Jeni E. Lansing, Maria L. Perez, Jacob D. Meyer, and Gregory J. Welk. "Facilitated Health Coaching Improves Activity Level and Chronic Low back Pain Symptoms." Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine 7/2 (2022): 1-9.

With Laura D. Ellingson, Jeni E. Lansing, Maria L. Perez, Maren Wolff, Greg J. Welk. "Process and impact evaluation of a practicum in motivational interviewing." International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, February 2022, 11 pages.

Eagleson, Gerald W. (Biology, 1979-2008)

"Vaccinations have expanded human lifespan by decades." Telegraph Herald [Dubuque] October 26, 2021. 4A.  

Idziak, Janine Marie (Philosophy, 1984-2017)

"God’s Will as the Foundation of Morality: A Medieval Historical Perspective." Religions 12 (May 19, 2021): 362-372.

Koch, Kevin (English, 1983- )

“The layers of history at Pikes Peak State Park.”  Telegraph Herald [Dubuque]. March 3, 2022. 7A-8A. 

“An Irish spring at Proving Grounds County Park.”  Telegraph Herald [Dubuque]. May 13, 2021. 7A-8A. 

“Cahokia: A Window into the Past.”  Telegraph Herald [Dubuque]. November 4, 2021. 7A-8A.

“Visit Baraboo for the dance of the cranes.” Telegraph Herald [Dubuque], December 28, 2021, 7A-8A.

“The Mounds of the Driftless Area.”  Telegraph Herald [Dubuque]. July 8, 2021. 7A-8A.

“Kayaking on the Niobrara National Scenic River.”  Telegraph Herald [Dubuque]. August 27, 2021. 7A-8A.

Mamali, Catalin S. (Psychology, 1996-2008)

"Political Terror and Repressed Aronanian Core Identity: Ways to Re-assert and Develop Ethnolinguistic Identity." In The Romance-Speaking Balkans: Language and the Politics of Identity. Eds. Annemarie Sorescu-Marinkovic, Mihai Dragnea, Thede Kahl, Blagovest Njagulov, Donald L. Dyer, Angelo Costanzo. Boston, MA: Brill, 2021.

Myers, Seth D. (Communication Arts, 2009- )

Director, Producer, Editor. With Sarah Stolar, others. Bella [film].

Pollock, James (English, 2002- )

"Barometer" [poem]. The Lorian, 100/1 (October 7, 2021): 5.

Taylor, Bryce (Biology, 2021- )

With Elizabeth A. Morton. "Teaching Molecular Biology with the Historical Accounts in The Eighth Day of Creation." American Biology Teacher 84/1 (2022): 45-49.

Tringale, Allison M. (Business Administration, 2018- )

With Leanne E. Atwater, Rachel E. Sturm, Scott N. Naylor. "The era of #MeToo and what managers should do about it." Business Horizons 64/2 (March-April 2021): 307-318.

Udelhoven, Denise (Coach, Asst Athletic Director, Athletic Director, 1991- )

"All fans must set better example of sportsmanship." Telegraph Herald [Dubuque]. March 27, 2022. 5A.

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