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Center for Dubuque History: Loras College Archives Collection

Loras College Collections  
16 MM & 8 MM Film  Inventory
Academic Dean Files Finding Aid
Addy Award Plaques (Marketing Department)  
Alpha Publications (Delta Epsilon Sigma)  

Academic Resource Center Construction Photos

Renamed Miller Academic Resource Center in 2019 in honor of Bill (A '52) & JoAnne Miller.
Artifacts of Loras College and Dubuque Inventory
Autographed Balls  
Bahl, Fr. & Fr. Schroeder Correspondence  
Barragy, Rev. Maj. William J. Collection

 Chaplain (Major) William J. Barragy was the first U.S. military chaplain killed in a combat action in Vietnam and a graduate of Loras College.

Finding Aid

Barta, Fr. (Congratulatory Letters) Finding Aid
Barta, Msgr. Display Material  
Basketball Score Cards  
Becker, John and William Collection

Brothers John and William (A '24) both graduated from Loras Academy. John graduated from Loras College in 1936 before attending Columbia University's journalism program. He stayed in NYC, became a TV and radio producer, and eventually moved to Los Angeles. William stayed in Dubuque and worked at Klauer Manufacturing before opening his own business. 

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Bierie Football Collection Finding Aid
Blouin's Bills  
Burney, Dr. John - Academic Dean  
Choir/Band Tapes  
College Spokesman

The College Spokesman was a literary magazine published between 1903 and 1970.

Copies are located in the CDH at 378.777Q C723C Sp

Columbia Museum  
Committee On Women's Issues: Loras 1996-2005 Finding Aid
Father Joseph Kenneth Downing Collection Finding Aid
Dubuque Colleges Summer Session Schedules  Inventory
Film Reels  
Foley, Msgr. Dorrance

Msgr. Dorance V. Foley was President of Loras College from 1956-1966. His first parochial assignment was assistant pastor at Nativity Church. where he served until 1927. He then was chancellor and vicar general at the Dubuque Chancery until 1952. During those same years. he had served as chaplain at Mercy Hospital until 1931 and to the Presentation Sisters until 1952.

In 1934. he was named a papal Chamberlain with the title Very Reverend Monsignor by Pope Pius
XI. He was appointed an archdiocesan consultant in 1944, and was named domestic prelate in 1945. In 1947 he received an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Loras. He became the officialis of the Arch-
diocesan Tribunal in 1951. and was named a protonotary apostolic by Pope Pius XII in 1952. when he was appointed dean of the Dubuque Deanery.

In 1952 he became pastor of St. Patrick’s Parish until 1956. when he was named president of Loras
College. During his 10-year tenure at Loras. he oversaw construction of several new buildings. In 1966 he returned to St. Patrick‘s Parish, where he was pastor until 1971; he then was named special assistant to the president of Loras.

Finding Aid

Foundations: Letters Of Bishop Loras  
Froehlich, Dr. Joachim (Loras President)  
Head Librarian Files  
Heritage Boxes  
Heritage Room Boxes  
History Department  
Clarence “Lefty” Koob Collection Finding Aid
Loras (Columbia) Academy Cee-Ay  
Loras (Columbia) Academy Cinema The yearbook for the Loras Academy was published from 1932-1938 and continued by the Log.
Loras (Columbia) Academy Log The yearbook for the Loras Academy was published from 1939-1959.
Loras (Columbia) College Purgold, Retrosum, Lorian Year in review This collection is partially digitized and available at
Loras Academy Crest  
Loras Academy Scrapbooks  
Loras & Columbia College Catalogs And Bulletins Inventory
Loras College Alumni Directories Alumni Directories for the years: 1958, 1969, 1980, 1986, & 1990
Loras College Alumnus / Alumni News / Perspective  
Loras College Board Of Regents 1995-1999  
Loras College Building Files  
Loras College Class Schedules Class Schedules for the years 1974-1977 (missing Spring 1983, Fall 1988, Fall 1989, Spring 1990, and Spring 1997)
Loras College Dedication Booklets (CTK)  
Loras College Dedication Booklets And Publications  
Loras College Exhibit Booklets  
Loras College Faculty Reviews  
Loras College Faculty/Student Directories Directories for 1949, 1956-1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988-1995, 2020.
Loras College Graduate & Summer Bulletins  
Loras College Graduate Bulletins Graduate Bulletins for 1968-1987, 1989-1997, 2002, 2020.
Loras College Handbooks Handbooks from 1967-1969, 1973-1976, 1980, 1982-1983, 1989-1996.
Loras College Ledger  
Loras College Limestone Review  
Loras College Magazines  
Loras College Manual Missal  
Loras College Marketing Office Production Design CDs  
Loras College Media Releases 2003-2009  
Loras College Misc. Directories /Alpha Pubs (ASA)  
Loras College Misc. Publications  
Loras College Negatives, Contact Sheets, Slides  
Loras College Old Marketing Files  

The Outlet was a student run literary magazine that was published from 1974-2009 when it was merged with the Alpha to form the Limestone Review. 


Photo Negatives Finding Aids
Loras College Photos  
Loras College Planning Council 1995-2000  
Loras College Players  
Loras College Players Scrapbooks  
Purgold Photos  
Loras College Slides  
Loras College Sports Boxes  
Loras College Sports Photos  
Loras College Story Information  
Loras College Strategic Planning Council Binders  
Loras College Theses  
Loras College Transcripts  
Loras College Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin  
Loras College Video Duplicates  
Loras College: Cloth Banners  
Loras College: National Catholic Basketball Tournament (NCBT)  
National Catholic Basketball Tournament Banks Inventory
Loras College: Phi Mu Fraternity 1994-95 Records  
Loras Cook Book  
Loras Magazine  
Loras Sports Binders  
Man Of Deeds: Biography Of Bishop Loras  
Herbert McNally Collection

Memorabilia from Columbia College.

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Photos: Loras College Collection  
Photos: Loras College Sports  
Pioneer Bishop: Bishop Loras  
Presidential Mace  
Presidents' Office Files

Materials from the years 1957-1996.

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Reel to Reel Audio Inventory
Schulte, Msgr. George

Msgr. Schulte taught organic chemistry from 1926 to 1972.

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Student Records  
Student Transcripts 1904-1918  
The Loras College Story By Msgr. Friedl  
Unbound Lorians  
VHS Tape Collection

The collection includes videos of Loras Academy, Last Lectures, LCTV, Loras Players, Loras Symposium, as well as various masses, banquets, and lectures.

Finding Aid

Vogl, Fr. Robert

A collection of Father Vogl's grade books from 1949-1971.

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