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Center for Dubuque History & Loras College Archives: Policies and Procedures

Guidelines for Using CDH Materials

Use of Center for Dubuque History and Loras College Archives Materials

Materials from the Center for Dubuque History and the Loras College Archives do not circulate and must be used under staff supervision within the library. Archives materials are only available during the posted hours though microform materials are available during Library business hours (please see the homepage for Covid-19 visitor restrictions). Appointments are recommended if you need assistance determining which collections you wish to review. Please call ahead if you are coming from a distance to verify that we will be able to accommodate your request. 


Researchers affiliated with Loras College will need to provide a Loras College photo ID for verification.  Researchers not affiliated with Loras College will need to fill out a registration form (good for one year) and provide a photo ID for verification.

Copies and Photographs:

  • Please check the staff member assisting you before copying, scanning, or photographing materials as the item condition, copyright, and donor restrictions might prevent reproduction of the item.
    • The CDH/LCA limits the amount of scanning to less than 20% of the item/collection.
  • Patrons may copy approved materials using the flat bed copier in the Archives.
    • Copies are $.15 and the machine takes both coins and bills.
  • The copier can also scan items and email them to your personal email address.
  • There are no limits on microform reproduction.
    • Microforms can be viewed on one of three microform machines.
      • Two of the machines create digital scans that can be emailed or saved to a flash drive.
      • One machine will print copies. Copies cost $.10.
  • If you need high quality scans for publishing, contact the Director to discuss prices.
  • Reproductions are for private study, scholarship, or research use only.  All scans will be watermarked.


The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproduction of copyrighted materials.  Patrons should be aware that the Library cannot waive copyright as it applies to materials in its holdings or grant permission to publish copyrighted materials.  Because of copyright, the use of video cameras, still cameras, scanners, cellular phones, or other copying equipment is restricted in the room.

Personal Property:

  • Leave personal property, including
    • coats,
    • briefcases,
    • purses,
    • backpacks,
    • book bags,
    • and computer bags with the library staff member working with you.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the area.
  • Only materials needed for research, including pencils, paper, computer, and research notes, may be kept with you.

Handling Materials:

  • Library personnel will bring materials to you.
  • Use only pencils to take notes; pens are not allowed.
  • Make sure hands are clean.
  • Handle all materials with care.
  • Keep books, bound volumes, manuscripts, and photographs flat on the table.
  • Request book props or stands if you need to hold materials at a more comfortable viewing angle.
  • Do not lay any objects on top of the materials.
  • Turn items or pages carefully.
  • Do not bend or tear pages. 
  • Never fold a document.
  • Maintain all materials in the exact order received.
  • Photography may be permitted at the discretion of the library staff member.
  • You will be asked to use white cotton gloves when using some materials.
  • You may use laptop computers and hand-held audio recorders to take notes.
  • Materials circulate one folder at a time.  Researchers are permitted to consult multiple print volumes at the discretion of the Research Assistant.
  • No marking of or writing on CDH/LCA materials is allowed.
  • No tracings or rubbings may be made of any pages or the binding of any book. 


Permission to use materials in publication must be received in writing from the library or appropriate literary executor prior to publication. 

The CDH/LCA would appreciate receiving a courtesy copy of all publications resulting from research performed using CDH/LCA which cites materials contained therein and also appreciates acknowledgment of use of the collections.

The use of CDH/LCA materials and exceptions to the guidelines are granted at the discretion of the Director of the Center for Dubuque History.