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3 Advanced Google-Searching Techniques

by Kristen Smith on 2021-02-01T16:29:57-06:00 | Comments

Narrow your search to a specific time period     

You can limit your google search by date, useful if your search results are returned full of older links that are out of date. 
Put a date restriction on your results by:
1.    Click on the Tools button under Google’s search bar
2.    Click on the “Any Time” drop-down.
3.    Narrow your results to the previous week, month, year, or a custom time frame.     

Search a particular site with the “site:” operator

If you’re looking for an article you read a while back, but can’t find now — or if you specifically want to see what one of your most trusted sites has to say about a topic — you can use the site: operator to limit your search to that specific web site. Sometimes this is more effective than a site’s built-in search bar.

•    Type site:[URL address] [search terms}
•    Example: iowa coronavirus

Find the source of a photo with reverse image search     

Wondering where a certain photo came from?. You probably know you can type a few words to find a photo with Google’s Image Search, but you might not have realized it works in the other direction too: 

Drag an image into Image Search and Google will find other versions of that photo for you.

Google isn’t the only site that has this feature, either. TinEye is a similar tool with a few more options, if you’re trying to find where the image first appeared. 

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