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About the Library

Library Mission

In keeping with the Mission and Core Principles of the College, the Loras College Library provides a setting and services conducive to interaction, consultation, study, and reflection in order to serve the instructional, research, and general information needs of the campus community. The Library seeks to manage the creation, organization, and distribution of knowledge in a changing environment by acquiring, preserving, organizing, and sharing distinctive collections, expertise, services, and spaces that enhance teaching, learning, and research.

Information Literacy Mission

An information literate student at Loras College identifies their information need, accesses, evaluates, and uses the information to accomplish a specific purpose, and understands and applies information ethics. The Loras College Library endeavors to prepare students for their lives as active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision makers, and responsible contributors through:

  • responding to the changing needs of the Loras College community,
  • developing cooperative relationships with faculty,
  • utilizing varied instructional methods which address the needs of diverse learners, and 
  • providing leadership, support, and resources for information literacy.