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How to Access Databases and Library System

A guide to help you connect to library resources when you're off-campus.

How To

Access Databases and Library System

You will be asked to log-in to our system as you go about doing your research, both on-campus and off-campus. Whether you're using our catalog system, or trying to access a database, use your existing network login and password.

Eligible Users

Loras College faculty, staff and currently-enrolled students are eligible to use our subscription databases from off-campus.

Alumni, Open-Access card holders, and Courtesy Card holders are not eligible to access our online resources remotely. (This would violate our licenses with database vendors, which allow remote use for current students, faculty and staff only.)

For remote access, you use your Loras network login and password combination. Contact Kristen Smith at 563-588-7042 or if you have questions af about access.

Accessing Databases from Off-Campus

Most library databases are licensed for use by Loras affiliates only (students, staff, faculty). If you are accessing from off-campus, it is now even easier to gain access.

If you encounter problems, email Kristen Smith. Include the name of the database you're trying to link to in the message.

Creative Commons License

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