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There's more than one way to get help with your library research.

Ask a Question

To reach the library's check-out desk, phone 563-588-7169.

Joyce Meldrem 563-588-7164
Heidi Pettitt 563-588-7383
Kristen Smith 563-588-7042
Joyce Meldrem, Library Director
Heidi Pettitt, Access Services & Special Collections Librarian
Kristen Smith, E-Resources & Research Services Librarian


You are welcome to stop by and consult with us whenever our office doors are open. But to reserve adequate time and attention, we encourage you to  meet with a librarian button

Our offices are all on level 1 or 2 of the Academic Resource Center:

Joyce Meldrem ARC 223
Heidi Pettitt ARC 142
Kristen Smith ARC 220
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