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Library Instruction Activities: Orientation

For librarians only

Library 101

Use this worksheet to introduce students to common elements of all library websites, regardless of institution.  Great for visiting high school students.

Library Mythbusters

Orientation Activities

Clue Scavenger Hunt

  • Make a 'chalk body' outline on the floor using tape
  • Type up the victim's last four emails
  • Create four different clue routes using color-coded stickers
  • Prepare and place clues and red herrings
  • Students are asked to identify:
    • Suspect: who did it?
    • Device: With what object?
    • Room: In which room?
  • See The Library Instruction Cookbook p. 18-19.

Library Geography/Archeology

  • Break students into 4 groups, and give each a blank map of one floor of the library
  • Give each group a short list of tasks that asks them to find items or locations on that floor, and label where they found it on their map
  • Ask groups to document their 'finds' using either a smart phone or their laptop camera
  • Have each group present on what they found on their floor to the rest of the group, noting the most interesting things, and the best places to study

Press Conference Cards

  • Hand each student a randomly chosen color-coded question card as they walk into the classroom
  • Throughout the session, call on a student with a particular card color and have them read their question to the class
  • The class must find the answer using the Library's website or their prior knowledge
  • (e.g. Can I study in the library before this class?  How long can I check out a book?  What databases does the library have for Psychology majors?)