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BUS 433 Global Leadership

Wallstreet Journal Articles

Finding Harvard Business Review (HBR) Articles

How to Find Your Harvard Business Review articles:

These instructions are for finding HBR articles that are available in library databases.

Step 1: Find articles by title and author in this Library database: Business Source Premier (requires Loras network login).


Step 2: Searching in Business Source Premier, keep it simple by typing one element in each box: Title, Author (just one author's last name), and Harvard.

Sample Article: 
Ikujiro Nonaka, and Hirotaka Takeuchi. “The Wise Leader.” Harvard Business Review, vol. 89, no. 5, May 2011, pp. 58–67.

Harvard Business Review search

Step 3: Results List and Item Record

  • Which articles is the correct one? Match authors and the publication date
  • To select an article, click the blue title to open the record. With the article record open, find a PDF (if available) and click on it.

I found it but I can't print or save! What's going on?

Harvard Business Publishing copyright restrictions place limits on some articles - you may not be able to print or save. If the full text is available, you can read it online in the database.

Copyright & HBR

Harvard Business Publishing has very strict guidelines for copyright. Normal fair use practices do not apply to HBR.

To avoid copyright infringement:

  • HBR case studies and articles should not be distributed or shared. Do not create direct links or post a URL.
  • Do not share PDFs or print and disseminate HBR case studies or articles.
  • HBR case studies and articles may not be requested through Interlibrary Loan.
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