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ENG 111 Critical Writing

A research guide for students taking ENG 111 Critical Writing.

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Old bookPrint resources at the Loras College Library are organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system.  Literature-related topics can be found in these call number areas:

  • 810  American Literature in English
  • 811  American poetry in English
  • 812  American drama in English
  • 813  American fiction in English
  • 814  American essays in English
  • 815  American speeches in English
  • 816  American letters in English
  • 817  American humor & satire in English
  • 818  American miscellaneous writings
  • 820  English & Old English literatures
  • 821  English & Old English literatures
  • 822  English drama
  • 823  English fiction
  • 824  English essays
  • 825  English speeches
  • 826  English letters
  • 827  English humor & satire
  • 828  English miscellaneous writings
  • 829  Old English (Anglo-Saxon)

You may find other useful library materials under different call numbers. For example, if a book is generally about art but discusses literature, it might have a call number within the subject of art. Need help finding books? Just Chat with a Librarian!

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