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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Are there any fees for placing an Interlibrary Loan requests?

Usually there are no fees for placing an Interlibrary Loan request. If there may be a fee, we will contact you before processing the request.

You are responsible for all charges or fees accrued for late, lost or damaged materials.

How many things can I borrow?

You may only have 7 active requests at a time. If you need to place additional requests, email ILL.

How long will it take for my Interlibrary Loan to arrive?

  • Articles are typically delivered within 2 business days
  • Books typically arrive in 10-15 business days

You will receive an email when your materials arrive.

  • Articles are scanned and delivered electronically and the email will have instructions for downloading your article.
  • Books or other physical items can be picked up at the Library Services Desk.

What can't I borrow?

  • Dissertations
  • Rare materials
  • DVDs, videos, microfilm, and CDs
  • Reference books, curriculum materials, and textbooks (we do not borrow these)
  • Entire issues or volumes of periodicals (photocopies of specific articles may be requested)
  • Materials in high demand at the lending library, such as new or recently published books
  • Self-published materials

We will attempt to obtain all requested materials, with the exception of reference books and textbooks. However, not all materials requested are available.

We will contact you if we are unable to borrow something you requested.

Are there restrictions on how I may use the materials? 

  • ILL material does not belong to this Library and is therefore subject to the conditions of the lending library. 
  • As with all library materials, refrain from writing or marking in the books.
  • Please return materials with all paperwork included and book bands still attached.
  • Materials (especially journal articles) obtained through ILL are subject to copyright restrictions. Copyright compliance is the responsibility of the borrower. 
  • No ILL materials may be placed on Reserve.