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A research guide for the study of neuroscience.

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Book Search Tips!

  1. Keep your search terms more general than you would with an article database;
  2. If you find a great book on your topic, browse the shelves near this book for similar books;
  3. The default search is limited to Loras Library only; if you're not finding enough, expand to other libraries in the region or the world;
  4. When you identify a book that Loras Library does not have, use interlibrary loan to get it;
  5. Many current books are ebooks; don't forget to click on those links;
  6. Need help finding books on our shelves? Here's how to use library call numbers.

Search Tips

A keyword search for neuroscience brings up a list of over 1,000 books. To narrow your results click on one of the subjects below or search using a keyword from your topic. 

  • Neuroscience : You can use the menu to the left to narrow your results to books published in the last five years. Now there are fewer than 250 books.
  • Neuroscience : You can also scroll down the menu to the left to narrow searches by topic. Limiting to neuroscience and individual psychology deals more with who the brain impacts human activity and thinking than limiting to the nervous system would.
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