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How to Evaluate News Sources

A How to Guide for Garoutte's LIB 102 & SOC 115

A Scientific Approach to Evaluation

Observe: see a news headline

Ask a question: “Is this real?” (Actually read the article)

Hypothesize: “This is real news.”

Test 1: Check the URL

Test 2: Check the date

Test 3: Check your bias

Test 4: Check the site’s bias

Test 5: Do the claims match the evidence?

Test 6: If the article is repackaged news, does it link to a genuine news site with information that confirms what it says?

Analyze data

Draw conclusion

Act on results: Share/don’t share


Approach taken from:

Willingham, Emily. “A Scientific Approach To Distinguishing Real From Fake News.” Forbes, Nov. 28, 2016, Web.

Media Bias Chart

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