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Book/Material Donations

1.    The Loras College Library accepts only a small number of unsolicited book donations, due to limited storage and the cost of processing material. 

2.    All donations must be preapproved by the Library Director.

3.    The Library accepts only unconditional material donations. All donations become the property of the Loras College Library. The Library reserves the right to keep, discard, donate, or sell any items. 

4.    The Library will consider accepting donations of materials that support the curriculum of the College, are in good condition, and not already in the Library collection. For donations of materials related to the history of the College or Dubuque, contact the director of the Center for Dubuque History for policies and approval.

5.    The library does not accept donations of: 

  • a.    periodicals (either bound or unbound), 
  • b.    textbooks, 
  • c.    cassette or VHS tapes, 
  • d.    books published prior to the last ten years, except for rare or valuable books or books published before 1830,
  • e.    books that have not been stored in a climate controlled (air-conditioned) area because of the possibility of mold, mildew, or vermin.

6.    The Library reserves the right to decline any donation for any reason. 

7.    Donated materials will be processed as time allows.

8.    The Library does not provide an appraisal of any book donation. 

9.    If requested, the donor will receive a letter acknowledgement from the Library Director as soon as possible, that will specify the number of items and type (paperback or hardcover).