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Start My Research

A guide to getting started with your research project.

Search and Find Sources

Find the Right Databases for Your Topic

Strategy #1 - Find a Research Guide

Research guides will guide you through the research and resources in a particular discipline.

Strategy #2 - Go to the Library's A-Z Online Databases list.

The Library's list of databases can be searched and limited by topic to help you identify the perfect database.

Strategy #3 - Ask a Librarian

A librarian can help you identify the right database for your research project. Schedule a research appointment.

Searching Tips

  • Use your list of keywords and synonyms to construct a search that gives you useful results in each database. Be flexible and try different words and phrases.
  • Document the resources you’ve used and how you found useful results; you may have to revise your paper topic somewhat and revisit some of your sources later.
  • Remember that the library catalog contains more than just books. You can use it to find videos, DVDs, and government publications on your topic.
  • Skim your articles and books early and identify references cited that will be useful for your research.
  • For additional assistance, ask a librarian.
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