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How to Support the Loras College Library

Buy a Book for the Library

memorial book donationHere is your opportunity to make a lasting gift or memorial. Your gift, for as little as $50, can make a big difference by providing the resources, both print and electronic, that students and faculty need to excel. You can honor a faculty mentor or memorialize a loved one and support a subject that is of special interest to them or you. A specific book title can be requested, or the library staff can help you determine the perfect book. A gift book-plate will be placed in every item.

  • A sponsorship costs $50 per book if the library selects the book. 
  • If you would prefer to select a specific book for sponsorship, the Library will work with you to determine the cost.

Submit the form below to get started. Keep in mind that only books that support the Loras College curriculum are acceptable.