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Faculty Services

A guide to the services available for faculty at Loras College. Find out who your librarians are, and how to schedule a library instruction session, get research assistance, and put a book on reserve.

Our Instruction Mission

An information literate student at Loras College identifies their information need, accesses, evaluates, and uses the information to accomplish a specific purpose, and understands and applies information ethics.  The Loras College Library endeavors to prepare students for their lives as active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision makers, and responsible contributors through:

  • responding to the changing needs of the Loras college community
  • developing cooperative relationships with faculty
  • utilizing varied instructional methods which address the needs of diverse learners, and
  • providing leadership, support, and resources for information literacy.

Schedule Research Instruction

Request a research tutorial

What can we teach?

  • Organizing research
  • Managing the research process (evolving nature of topics & searches)
  • Finding primary sources
  • Finding data & statistics
  • Using specific databases & tools
  • Reading scholarly articles
  • Evaluating sources
  • Citing sources & citation tools
  • Avoiding plagiarism

Need something else? Just ask!

Library instruction doesn't need
to take a lot of time!


Choose one or more of the following options to best meet your students needs:

  • Short demonstrations of most relevant resources: 15-20 minutes
  • Full class sessions including instruction and hands-on practice: 50 or 80 minutes
  • Series of 15-20 minute sessions
  • Co-taught class sessions (librarian + faculty)
  • Out-of-class-time workshops
  • Required or extra-credit one-on-one or group appointments

Let's work together!

We can:

  • enhance eLearn by adding:
    • Links to databases & resources
    • Customized search widgets
    • Librarian led discussion forums
    • Embedded tutorials
  • provide on site assistance during in-class or in-library work days
  • co-teach class sessions
  • assist for faculty in selecting new resources for classes/ ensuring adequate Library resources
  • collaborate on using Special Collections materials
    • Locating primary sources
    • Tours & talks
    • Displays & exhibits
  • assist with research, especially faculty-student research projects

Add the Research Help Service statement to your Syllabus!


Research Help Service – Loras College Library

The Loras librarians are friendly and willing to help with any stage of the research process.  Need some assistance finding sources?  Need background information, statistics, maps, or primary documents for your research?  Confused about how to cite a source?  Not sure where to start? Reserve your 15- or 30-minute appointment today by visiting You can also stop by the Library, send us a message using the chat box on our guides and pages, ask for us at the Library Check-Out Desk, call us, or email us. Visit the Library’s website for additional resources and contact information: