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Research as Conversation

College research and writing (or presenting) is not just about looking up information and reporting what you find. Now you are expected to join a conversation. Just as scholars build off the research of others in their academic discipline to advance their own thinking and make contributions to the field, you will be expected to do the same. You will explore particular questions, see the answers others have offered to these questions, put these views in conversation with one another, and finally add your own voice to the mix, arguing your own perspective based on what you have learned.

Getting Help

Feedback is essential for good writing. Your professors can help but also remember to visit the Writing Center.  They offer one-on-one sessions with trained tutors to help with writing projects. Tutors work with students of all levels from across campus on every stage of the writing process: brainstorming, pre-writing, drafting, revision, and polishing.

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