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How to Search SPORTDiscus

A guide to effectively using the SPORTDiscus database...

Displaying Results

Each entry in your results list provides the title, author, journal name, date of publication, volume and issue numbers, and paging.  If the full text of the article is available online, the entry will include a link to the HTML text or PDF. Click on the article title to display the full record, including abstract.

results in sports discus


Use the "tools" area to the right of the record display to print, e-mail the article to yourself, save, or view citation information.

  citation in sports discus


You can store items that interest you by clicking "Add to folder."

To store these items within EBSCOhost for a future session, click on the "Sign in to MyEBSCOhost," to create a personal folder, or open one you have already created. Any items you store in your "MyEBSCOhost" folder will be retained even after you sign out.  For more information on "MyEBSCOhost," go to the MyEBSCOhost tab of this guide.

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