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How to Search SPORTDiscus

A guide to effectively using the SPORTDiscus database...

Searching SPORTDiscus

Enter your search terms and click on "Search" to begin. Connect your terms with AND, OR, or NOT.

If you want all of your terms present in your result list, make sure you use the Boolean "AND."


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Limiting Your Results full-text only

While many of the items in this database are full-text, there are some that are not. To limit to full text, make sure you check the full text limiter beneath your search. scholarly journals only

If scholarly journals are required, click on the 'scholarly journals' limiter in the 'Source Type' box. If peer-reviewed journals are necessary, choose that box as well. published date ranges, by type of publications, by language, by country

You can limit your search to certain published date ranges, certain types of publication, or by language or country.

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Creative Commons License

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Some icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.