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Staff Services

How many things?

Staff are allowed to checkout 50 books at time. If you are close to the limit and need additional materials for your research, contact a librarian to discuss raising your limit.

Due Dates

Research takes time so we try to give you plenty of time to use the materials you check out. In addition to long check out lengths we also allow you to renew your books two times for the same checkout length.

Material Type: Checkout Length:
Books from the main shelves to the end of the semester
Popular reading books 4 weeks
Curriculum library materials 4 weeks
Educational media to the end of the semester
Wilkie and Entertainment DVDs 1 week
Course reserve materials (most) 2 hours
Test prep materials 4 weeks

May I renew my materials?

May I renew my library materials?

  1. Yes, with the following exceptions
    1. Reserve items 
    2. Government publications may only be renewed once

To renew your materials, go to the Library's home page (

  1. Hover over My Personal Library
  2. Select My Library Account
  3. Enter your network username and password (the same combination you use to log into your computer)
  4. Click the renew button next to the items you want to renew
  5. A note will appear above the box letting you know if you were successful or not

How do I renew materials if I'm not a Loras community member?

If you have any questions, please call 588-7189 for assistance.