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Staff Services

Library Employees


Library Director

Heidi Pettitt
Access Services & Special Collections Librarian

Heidi oversees our Special Collections and Rare Book Room including digitizing selected resources. She supervises our Student Assistants who provide daily service at the Check Out Desk and keep the library open for its extended hours. She is also in charge of the library’s technology and cataloging of new library materials. Heidi is the librarian to contact for an instruction session in Special Collections. Heidi also teaches other information literacy sessions. 
MARC 142; 563-588-7873;

Kristen Smith

Kristen (Kris) Smith
E-Resources & Research Services Librarian

Kristen is responsible for the library’s electronic resources, including the web site, our Research Guides, databases, periodicals, and ebooks. You will also find Kris teaching information literacy sessions. If you can’t connect to the Library’s databases from off-campus, let Kris know. 
MARC 220; 563-588-7042;

Lisa Finnegan
Acquisitions & Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
Lisa is the first stop for questions about our interlibrary loan services. She borrows materials from other libraries for our patrons and she lends materials to other libraries when their patrons request our materials. If you have any questions about ILL, Lisa is your person! She also puts materials that faculty wish to have on reserve so that all students have an equitable shot at checking them out since their use is limited to 2 hours on reserve.
MARC 144; 563-588-4969;

Elizabeth (Liz) Busch
Budget Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Liz assists the Library Director with a multitude of tasks including billing for lost materials, taking and keeping track of minutes for meetings, helping to compile statistics for external reporting requirements, handling correspondence, reserving rooms in the library, and updating borrower records. She also tracks the library's expenditures and maintains the Library's PCard and its reporting functions.
MARC 222; 563-588-7009;


Outreach Services Librarian

Marissa Krein
Instruction Coordinator & Assessment Librarian
Marissa is responsible for coordinating the Library's information literacy program. If a faculty member wants a librarian to help a class with research, Marissa is the person to contact!
MARC 143; 563-588-7917;