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Media Creation Suite

Lightboard Room

This is a 45" lightboard system with a high performance Windows 10 computer and integrated video processing technology for easy video recording and streaming in a variety of formats. All components are integrated into a single height-adjustable unit, that moves easily on 4 wheels. Slide-out camera and monitor frame allow going from completely set-up to storage ready in a matter of seconds!


  • One-touch start-up
  • One-button recording
  • Integrated Windows 10 computer
  • Live streaming

Before You Arrive

Here are a few things you can do make your recording go smoothly:

Pick out the right clothes:

  • Solid colors work best; Black and dark gray clothes will give you a case of floating head syndrome.
  • Avoid words on your clothes, as they will be backwards on your recording or projection.


  • Use a black background with your text in white.
  • Give yourself time to practice! - If you are interacting with a PowerPoint, it can take some practice to be able to write where you want to.

To save:

  • Plan to bring a flash drive with you, if you don't want to save to OneDrive.

Lightboard Quick-Start

Step 1: Lights
•    Turn on the Lightboard using the white circle power button on the side of the Lightboard.
•    Turn off the room lights – press twice!

Step 2: Make sure the system is ready to record
•    Adjust the height of the desk using the arrows on the right.
lightboard set up•    Does the monitor look like this, but with your face?
Yes? – Awesome, just one more thing to check
No? – If that doesn’t fix it, call the Library Services desk at 563-558-7189

•    Does the controller on the presenter podium look like this?stream deck set up
Yes? – Awesome, you are good to start recording
No? – Press the Home button in the upper right-hand corner 

If the monitor does not show you, right click the stream deck icon in the system tray and click "show". If that doesn’t fix it, call the Library Services desk at 563-558-7189.

Step 3: Press Record (the upper-leftmost button), wait for the countdown to complete, and start talking.
•    Use the provided markers to illustrate your points on the Lightboard - Helpful Tip: Instead of standing in the center, take a step towards the side of the hand you don’t write with, this will give lots more space to write.

Step 4: Press Stop (it was the Record button) again to stop recording.

Step 5: Press the upper middle button to review your video.
•    Watch your video and decide if it’s good enough or if you need a second attempt 
•    If you don’t have a video to review – call the Library Services desk at 563-558-7189

Step 6: Save your recording, turn off the Lightboard, and leave the room.
•    Once you have a video you want to save, you can either upload to your favorite online storage site or save it to a flash drive. You can plug your flash drive in on the podium just behind the Stream Deck. All files are deleted at midnight so make sure you save the correct file.
•    Close any documents or folders you opened and take out your flash drive.
•    Erase anything you wrote on the Lightboard using the provided cloth.
•    Turn off the Lightboard using the white circle power button on the side of the Lightboard.
•    Make sure the door is closed and locked and return the key to the Library Services Desk.

Lightboard Advanced Features

Interacting with a PowerPoint

Follow Steps 1 and 2 on the Quick Start Guide. Then press the Home button on the Stream Deck controller.

steam deck controller


To add a PowerPoint, press Overlay Black
lightboard demo

•    To adjust where it is on the screen press Overlay Left, Overlay Right 

lightboard demo

•    Feel like you’re taking up too much space? Press Right PiP or Left PiP for:

lightboard demo

(Keep in mind, this also reduces the size of the Lightboard, it doesn’t give you more space to write.)

•    Want to see just the PowerPoint slides? Press Screen Only and you’ll disappear.
•    Want to show something other than PowerPoint? Open the program and drag it to the right-hand screen.
•    To turn off sharing your presentation or program, press Normal.

•    You can also plug your own computer in instead of moving your presentation to the Lightboard computer, but you will only be able to share the full screen, without an offset

Follow Steps 3-6 on the Quick Start Guide to record your video!