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Media Creation Suite

Audio/Podcast Room

The Audio/Podcast Room was proposed and created by Mark Kehren and funded through a Loras Innovation Grant. It is a distraction-free setting perfect to record group discussions, audio presentations, and podcasts. The room contains: 

  • 2 boom mounted microphones 
  • 2 headphones 
  • Audio mixer 
  • Computer with Audacity 

button for booking audio/podcast room

Quick-Start Instructions for the Audio/Podcast Room

audacity computer1.    Wake up the computer -   Try pressing a few keys or wiggling the mouse -  If that doesn’t work, turn the computer on (the computer is on the right).
2.    Log into the computer using:  Username: Podcaster,  Password: P0dcast (the 0 is a zero).
3.    Open Audacity - Note: There may be many icons on the desktop with the logo so use the link in the taskbar.icon for audacity software
4.    Gently pull the the microphones so they are close to your mouth 
5.    Press the Record button.

audacity record button
6.    Start speaking.  Some tips:
    Before speaking, breathe in, hold it for a second or two, and then start speaking so you don’t end up with the first sound being a deep breath.
    It’s easier to remove a gap then it is to add space.
    Write a script to read from.
    Record in short bursts, we tend to get faster and less clear the longer we speak. It’s also easier to rerecord a sentence then an entire paper.
7.    Press the Stop button.

audacity stop button
8.    Press Play to listen to what you just recorded.
audacity noise reduction9.    When you are done recording, click on Effect and select Noise Reduction to reduce any background noise.
10.    Lastly, click on File to save your project -  If you plan to continue editing the file, click on Save Project. If you are done, click on Export and then Export as MP3.

audacity export

Don’t forget to save your file to a USB or an online storage platform!!


Need more help?
•    There are three videos linked in the Bookmarks bar in Chrome, listed from shortest to longest.
•    The Audacity manual is linked in the Bookmarks bar in Chrome.
•    Email your professor
•    Email Bob Adams,
•    Email Mark Kehren,
•    Ask a Librarian