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Du-Support Mentoring Program

Honors Project Class of 2020

Support Systems

1. Support Systems in other colleges

Many colleges provide some sort of outside support systems in which we are trying to learn from. The main and most profound one is the University of Michigan’s. This could serve as a potential model for success here on our campus. 

2. University of Michigan Resources

  1. University of Michigan: Student Life Counseling and Psychological Services
    1. Resources they offer
      1. MiTalk App - Offers mental health resources like online mental health screenings for depression and anxiety, skill-building tools to help you manage stress and academic life, multimedia workshops, and amazing relaxation exercises to play or download.
      2. 2017-2018 Annual Report – Showed the top five presenting concerns for college students assessed by a counselor. These include anxiety, depression, relationships, academics, and adjustment. These five concerns are our general focus when dealing with our mentorship program.
      3. Activities and Worksheets – The University of Michigan Website offers a diverse amount of worksheets and handouts that ranges from, but not limited to, Academic Skills, Test Anxiety, and Eating Issues to name a few out of the many that they have.
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