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Du-Support Mentoring Program

Honors Project Class of 2020

Executive Summary

Executive Summary


Vision and theory of change:

To create a mentorship program within each major to both help with the struggles of becoming a college student and to develop the necessary skills to succeed in college, as well as helping create a stronger bond between class levels within distinct majors.



For our mentorship program, “Du-Support”, we have a variety of goals. To start off, we want to create a blueprint of a successful and adaptive mentorship program within majors at Loras College. We would like to implement this program in all majors, by teaching and offering the necessary resources to department heads. In terms of the overall program plan, once put into place, we would like to see stronger relationships between students within specific majors, as well as greater connectivity with professors. Furthermore, it is a goal of ours for upperclassmen to become mentors to first and second year students, in order to provide these students with the necessary skills to succeed in college specific to their major (i.e. time management, stress, homesickness, self-wellness, class scheduling etc.).

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