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Du-Support Mentoring Program

Honors Project Class of 2020

Tools (Surveys, Misc. Resources, ETC.)

1. Survey

Survey #1 is one we created for the use of professors to hand out to their classes so they can gauge interest for possible mentee’s within the Du-Support Mentorship Program.

Survey #2 is made for the mentees (freshman) that are currently within the Chemistry’s Department Mentorship Program. Specifically, used to rate the mentors themselves. 

2. Activities

There are many activities that could impact our mentorship program from its core, and help students grasp a comfort level and the college lifestyle much easier. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Socials
  2. Coffee meetings between mentors and mentees
  3. Exercise to reduce stress
  4. Writing out or talking about issues or problems a person may be having

3. Scheduling

For our mentorship program, there will be no set schedule, as professors can choose to implement their own schedules if they choose. We do however recommend that the scheduling follow these guidelines:

  1. Have mentors established at midterm first semester
  2. Meet 2-3 times after
  3. Continue to meet 2-3 times second semester


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