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History of Loras College

Books about Loras College

CDH 378.777s L88loras college founding fathers image
Farrington, Anthony. Loras College, 150 Years: The Excellence Continues. Marceline, Mo.: Walsworth Pub. Co., 1989.

CDH 378.777E L882c Hi.
Friedl, Francis Peter. The Loras College Story: 150 Years. Dubuque, Iowa: Loras College Press,1990.

CDH 389.777 F91
Friedl, Francis Peter. Loras Lore: or, Can You Remember Those Days In September? Dubuque, Iowa: Loras College Press, 2006.

CDH 378.777E L882C St.
Hoffmann, M. M. The Story of Loras College, 1839-1939: The Oldest College in Iowa. Dubuque, Iowa: Loras College Press, 1939.

CDH 370.193 N22
Naughton, Gail, Pam Jochum, Valorie Woerdehoff. The Tri-Colleges of Dubuque: Clarke College, Loras College, University of Dubuque: Impact on the Tri-State Community. October 1989 (based on calendar year 1988).


CDH 922.273 L882ma
Auge, Thomas E. Man of Deeds: Bishop Loras and the Upper Mississippi Valley Frontier. Dubuque, Iowa: Loras College, 2008.

CDH 282.777 H676E
Eulberg, Mary Thomas. The Rt. Rev. Mathias M. Hoffman, V.F., Whose World Was Others. 1989.

CDH 282.092 F91
Friedl, Francis P. One Good Shoe, One Bad Shoe: Stories I Have Wanted to Tell. Dubuque, Iowa: Brown- ROA, 1995.

CDH 378.777 F91d
Friedl, Francis P. "Doc" Kammer Lives!: The Life and Times of the Famous (and Much Loved) Trainer at Loras College. Dubuque, Iowa: Quebecor Publishing, 2008.

CDH 378.777 F91L
Friedl, Francis P. Loras Luminaries: Those Who Lit the Path for Others. Dubuque, Iowa: Worldcolor Press, 2009.

CDH 922.273 L882K
Foundations: The Letters of Mathias Loras, D.D., Bishop of Dubuque. Transcribed, translated, and edited by Robert F. Klein. Dubuque, Iowa: Loras College Press, 2004.

CDH 282.77739 M36
Martin, Michael J. Up from the Earth: An Autobiography. 1987.

CDH 922.273 L882Le
Letters to a Pioneer Bishop: Correspondence to Mathias Loras, D.D., First Bishop of Loras. Compiled and edited by the Rev. Loras C. Otting. Dubuque, Iowa: Loras College Press, 2009.

CDH 378.777 Sch81
Schulte, George Nichols. George N. Schulte: His Life, His Stories. Dubuque, Iowa: Loras College Press, 1988.

Articles about Loras College

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Video Programs on Loras Topics

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