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History of Loras College


Location: Oversize 378.777q C723C Lo.

Loras College. Lorian [online]. 2009-
Loras College. Lorian. 1939-
Columbia College. Lorian. 1924-1939.
Columbia College. Spokesmanette. 1924 (3 issues).


Location: CDH 378.777P C723P

Loras College. Purgold. 1939-1993, 1998-  .
Loras College. The Lorian Yearly Review. 1993-1995.
Columbia College. Purgold. 1925-1938.
Retrorsum: Golden Jubilee Souvenir of Columbia College, Dubuque, Iowa 1873-1923. 1923.
St. Joseph's College. St. Joseph's College Annual. 1909-1913. CDH 378.777G St23 1909-13

The Loras College Purgold digitization project is underway. Explore the digitized Purgold!

Literary Magazines

Loras College. The Limestone Review. 2009- CDH [merger of Outlet and Alpha]
Loras College. Outlet. 1974-2009. CDH 810.8 Ou8
The College Spokesman. 1903-1970. CDH 378.777Q C723C Sp.
Delta Epsilon Sigma. Alpha: All-College Writing. 1985-2009. CDH 371.852 De388a


Student theses about aspects of Loras College date from about 1923. Topics include: the radio station, academic departments and programs, individual faculty, faculty publications, historical events, outstanding athletes, the Loras Players, and biographies of prominent college alumni. Theses are included in the library catalog so you may look up the alum by last name in the author field to find out which microfilm reel contains the material you seek.

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