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Booking pages for the media creation rooms in the Library

Audio/Podcast Room

The Audio/Podcast Room was proposed and created by Mark Kehren and funded through a Loras Innovation Grant. It is a distraction-free setting perfect to record group discussions, audio presentations, and podcasts. The room contains: 

  • 2 boom mounted microphones 
  • 2 headphones 
  • Audio mixer 
  • Computer with Audacity 

button for booking audio/podcast room

Podcast Room Policies

Podcast Room Guidelines

  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the Podcast Room
  • Only 5 people may use the room at one time
  • The Podcast Room must be returned to its original state at the end of a recording session
  • All files need to be saved to a flash/thumb drive, all files still on the computer when the Library closes will be deleted
  • The people listed on the pre-reservation form below are responsible for the cost of replacing damaged, lost, or stolen items in the room